Fungus Among Us

The Fungus Among Us is a class I am hopefully taking this semester (I’m praying for the waitlist gods to let me in).  But I will be doing the work and attending until Marina graciously tells me to get out.

I can’t decide on a project idea, so I’ll present the three I have narrowed myself down to.



1.)  Exploring the structure of mycelial networks, especially comparing their natural composition to that of man-made networks, specifically the internet.  Research into the network structure, nodes, and information exchange would be realized in a series of 3D prints comparing the two.

2.)  Continuing the work of Phil Ross, I would try to build a chair.  Outside of experimenting with the structural properties of mushroom material, the motivation is pretty simple: I just got a desk, and I need a chair.

3.)  Ecovative has been making blank surfboard cores, so why not a snowboard?  I have snowboarded my whole life and am quite familiar with their construction and process.  Between a topsheet and p-tex base lies a sandwich of wood, glue, and sometimes carbon fiber.  These wood layers could potentially be replaced by thin layers of mushroom material, extremely thin, glued and pressed.