Web Final update

Continuing my midterm idea for my Live Web final.  Basically, I want to turn this into a more finished project.  I’m working on adding an actual frontend with some direction, so someone could come to the page and understand what’s going on without my instruction.

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 11.38.43 AM


I’m getting a general color theme and direction going, but I have a couple other ideas I may change to.  Functionally, the main feature I need to add is the ability to “continue” the tour.  Right now, if you’re in the panorama, to go to a new place you’d need to refresh your page.  That’s not ideal, and I want an input box to always be on the page (obviously not directly in the middle of the screen) so that you could go to multiple locations and have it be a functional chat tool.  Early user testing got me some good feedback, including potentially switching the headtracking control to the other party.  I also am planning to add a drawing tool to help with annotating locations on the screen.  The drawings would fade out after a few seconds in order to not muddy up the display.  I’m working off of my code here.

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