Connected Devices :: Week 1


Week 1 prototype from Connected Devices.  Assignment: Design a simple navigation device capable of conveying eight directional commands, with materials costing under $20.  I mounted a small box containing an Arduino micro, 9v battery, servo motor and laser pointer.  The device can be controlled wirelessly from my computer through a bluetooth classic connection.

The video demonstrates some of the commands: for example, when the servo rotates to the right and blinks, that indicates an upcoming righthand turn.  When it has a steady light on the right side, that indicates turn right now.  Steady light in the middle means go forward, and quick blinking sequence in the middle means you have arrived at your destination.

The helmet mounting combined with laser demonstrates a hands-free prototype for simple navigation in potentially dark locations.  The commands could also be translated to morse code for more precise directions.  It could also just be thought of as a device that turns you into your cat, as you chase the laser around.


Bill of Materials:

Arduino Micro

Micro Servo motor

Adafruit laser pointer

Perf board, solder, wires

Laser cut 3/16″ birch

Small dowel

Construction helmet from junk shelf



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