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Final project concept for Connected Devices :: Smart Alarm Clock.  I’m working with Boram Kim and Dimelsa Medina.  We are looking into making an alarm clock that syncs with your schedule and outside schedules to form a more efficient system for waking you up.


You will set a baseline alarm for your clock – say 7:00am, and an amount of time you need to get ready – say 1 hour.  During the week, it will always be ringing at that time.  The clock is also checking your google calendar for events and appointments.  Anything that would necessitate you waking up earlier will make the alarm automatically compensate for that situation and move the alarm to earlier in the morning.  Your alarm is aware of your scheduled morning meeting, and will get you up at 6:30am so you can make it on time.  It is also taking in weather data, and MTA subway data.  If the L train happens to be delayed in the morning, your alarm again will recognize this and wake you up earlier to ensure you are getting to your destination on time.  The same applies to weather – a heavy rainstorm will probably require a few extra minutes of travel.


Down the line, we envisioned this device working in conjunction with other similar devices.  As an easy example, when your alarm goes off it turns your lights on and triggers a coffee pot to start brewing.  The devices could all be smart on your own, but as you purchase other items you could pair them and build IFTT-type interactions.  But for now we are planning to focus on the coffee pot.


There are some definite issues to work through, including trusting the object, the right wakeup interaction, aesthetic design, passivity of the object vs the constant chirping of a phone, and the balance of objectives between waking people up and trying to get them out of the house.

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